Electrohome G05-801 XY Vector Chassis Site

 BY DEZBAZ    Started 23-August-2015

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G05-801 Whole Schematic Diagram

Parts we sell - Amazing Arcading Manual 19" (Andysarcade.de)
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2N3792 PNP (Q7 & 17) Deflection Transistors: 2N3716 NPN (Q6 & Q16) NEW
Voltages (ex Ataricade)
GPE Electronics
Atari.pdf (Origin Unknown & Similar to above)
Setting Purity & Convergence
Cap Kit for this monitor (Juniors Revenge) The Real Bob Roberts Site
Used in Lunar Lander, Early Asteroids Atari Vector FAQ's
Manual for the Electrohome G05-801 19" B&W Monitor Black & White Vector Monitor FAQs
Manual G05-801 (Textfiles)
Dezbaz Index Page
 G05-801 PCB Design is done
Pinouts and Voltages (Thanks Black Matrix) Bournes Trimmers Sheet
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